A vacation doesn’t start until after you survive it.

Between a curious explorer, a quirky girl next door, and rugged female solo traveler hopping country buses and rickshaws, Christine Ka’aloa is the intrepid personality, solo female travel and food host for GRRRLTRAVELER.

She engages fans by sharing solo travel tips, foodie passions and inspiring videos and photos of solo adventures.  She is also an ambassador of responsible and ethical tourism. Audiences love her for her quirky, down-to-earth and relatable demeanor. She is a trustworthy voice for information.

A career as a camera operator and television field producer, Christine is also an expert interviewer, having interviewed beauty queens, celebrities and locals to uncover deeper insights into heartfelt stories.


“The only thing standing in your way of overcoming the impossible is a lack of imagination.”

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Christine hosts and produces a weekly travel and food series on YouTube (GRRRLTRAVELER).



What I love about Hawaii

– Solo Travel, Eating, PADI/SSI Certified Advanced Diver, Snorkeling, Yoga, Hiking, Trekking, Motorbiking.
– Worked in South Korea for a year.
– Passport with 10 year China visa.

Branded Campaigns

Daxi Travel | Taoyuan Department of Tourism

Airbnb Experiences